I have a complaint or a general inquiry about ItGIRLTheBoutique.com
We value your feedback and will work to help in any way we can! Please use the form here, or DM us on Instagram @itgirltheboutique
I am worried about giving my personal information to your business, how can I trust you?
We are 100% confidential and will not release any of your information to third parties, or use for any purpose aside from within our business. Your information is secured on a verified, encrypted domain. Please see our privacy policy for more information.
How does your sizing work?
Our sizing differs across all products, to be certain on a specific product, visit the individual product page for accurate measurements. If you in between sizes take note, the majority of our products do fit smaller, so order the larger size.



How can I pay for my order?
We currently accept Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Applepay and Paypal.
Please Note.
Currency conversions are done automatically, prices are displayed in the latest conversion rates for your local currency.
My order status says "Cancelled", but I didn't cancel it.
Our checkout process is designed to catch credit card fraud and other various suspicious activity. This problem is generally attributed to a failure of passing our security checks, contact us and we will help you sort this out.
My order status says "Fulfilled", what does this mean?
This means we have received and processed your payment. Your order is now being prepared for shipment, please visit our shipping page for full details on order and shipping scheduling.
I want to change my order, but i've already paid, is it too late?
We are normally very quick on processing your order, however if your order status has not been changed to "fulfilled," then there is still time. Please contact us to fill out a change/cancellation request.
My order is missing an item.
This may have happened due to insufficient stock. If you have ordered an item that is out of stock, we will notify you via email in this case. If you have NOT received an email and you are still missing item(s). Please contact us with your
  • Order ID
  • Requested/Missing items.
We will look into this matter and have it sorted out as soon as possible.


Shipping Policy

View our detailed shipping policy here.

I've ordered, when will I receive my product?

Delivery times are varied, please see our shipping policy for a full explanation.

Where is my item?

A tracking number will be generated for you once your product has been cleared for departure. Please be patient as this can take from 24-96 hours after your order has been placed.

I have received the wrong item.

In the rare occasion that this occurs, we apologise. Please contact us immediately with the following information:

  • Order number
  • The name of the item you have received
  • The name of the item you should have received
  • A photo of the item you have received.

After receiving the above information we will work on rectifying this problem. Please ensure that adequate proof is in order for a member of our sales team to verify and correct this for you. Your information and photograph shall be verified before any correction process begins.

Please do not return any wrongly shipped items without permission from the sales team as this may slow the process even further.

In event that a wrong item needs to be returned, we shall cover the package shipping costs.

I have received a defective item.

In the rare event that you receive a defective item, don't panic, we will take care of it for you. Please contact us with the following information,

  • Your order number
  • Which item is defective
  • A description of the defect
  • A photograph of the item showing the defect.

Unless the adequate information above is supplied, we cannot go through the return/exchange process. Once we receive the required information, we will work diligently to correct this problem.

Please do not return any defective items unless advised by a member of our sales team, as this may slow down the return process further.

In the event that a faulty item needs to be returned, we shall cover the postage cost.


Return Policy
Please view our detailed return policy here.
I've made a mistake and changed my mind about my order, may I have a refund?

Please see our return policy for all return/refund/exchange related questions


I need to change my shipping information.
Login to your account and you will be right at your account dashboard. At the bottom of your page, you'll see the option to 'Manage Addresses', click on this and you'll be given the option to change your Billing & Delivery address